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Save Arizona by Showing Up!

While elected officials are supposed to govern with the people's consent, the government is actually run by layers of bureaucrats. Those bureaucrats often bring forth agenda items with little to no details on what members are voting on. We call this process of bureaucracy limiting our freedoms and spending our tax dollars without transparency the "Arizona Deep State."

Public comment matters because it often impacts the ability of local government to get federal grants with hostile strings attached to override the will of the people and our communities.


Showing up for in-person public comment stops the rubber stamping by Arizona Deep State politicians. It makes the bureaucracy go on the record and drives accountability in our public meetings.

Please Note: Agendas have not dropped for every government body. Public comment is most effective in-person but can usually be submitted by email or online. In some instances, you may be able to call into the meeting. We track election integrity, defunding the police, transportation tyranny, water rights, medical freedom, and WEF globalist policies. We put out calls to action as the agenda items are released. These upcoming public meetings need public participation to help save the state and country.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 4:30:00 PM UTC
Parking Info:

Paid or Free

Supervisors’ Auditorium, 205 W Jefferson, Phoenix, AZ 85003
Public Comment Type:

In-Person, Online

Meeting Topics:

Green New Deal, Climate Action, Elections, Censorship

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