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Valley Metro

September 22, 2023 at 1:00:00 AM
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Transportation Tyranny, Road Diets

Tell Valley Metro NO new light rail!

Right now, Valley Metro is evaluating options for “High-Capacity Transit” in West Phoenix to Maryvale. The options include new light rail, Bus Rapid Transit with a dedicated lane (meaning a ROAD DIET removing lanes from vehicles), or Bus Rapid Transit with shared lanes. Their “preferred” option is currently light rail!

Light rail is a boondoggle, costing billions to build, operate, and maintain, while carrying less than one percent of commuters!  Also, despite Valley Metro claiming light rail is “high capacity,” the “light” in light rail actually refers to the passenger capacity. Lastly, light rail is a hub for criminal activity and will only bring more crime to these areas.

THIS Thursday, September 21st at 6PM Valley Metro will be holding an ONLINE public hearing. Information on how to join can be found HERE. Comments can be submitted HERE.

Tell Valley Metro NO new light rail and NO projects that reduce lanes for cars! Light rail crushes businesses, is a loser for taxpayers, and increases crime and congestion.

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