Get Freedom on the Ballot!

Chip in to Reach 50,000 Primary Voters!


Did you know only 36% of Arizona voters participated in the primary in 2020 and only 33% in 2018?


Voter participation in the primary is critical because that determines who remains on the ballot in the general. Too often the best candidates that boldly support freedom, safe neighborhoods, and parental rights are the ones that get left behind in the primary just because their top voters stayed home. intends to change that this year! The primary is only 6 months away so we must act fast! The most effective voter contact besides door knocking is handwritten postcards. We have thousands of volunteers ready to take action, but we need the funds to do it.

Our goal is to send out 50,000 postcards to voters in key districts in the primary. We have secured an incredible deal on bulk stamps at $0.14 each (normally 40 cents each), but we have an urgent expiration date. We need to raise $7,000 by Saturday to purchase the full 50,000 stamp order.

Connecting with our likely voters is the best way to ensure we sweep the primary with the best candidates and secure more freedom at the ballot box in November!

Can you chip in $100 or $60 today? Any amount helps! Please be as generous as you can and it will be the right amount at the right time!

Thank you so much for all you do to save AZ!