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Maricopa County Attorney Candidate Survey:
Austin Woods

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Are you a precinct committeeman? If yes, for how long?





Please describe your political ideology. Are you conservative, moderate, pro-liberty, etc.?





What is the proper role of government?


To provide free, fair and equal protection of our Constitutional liberties efficiently and economically.



Why are you running for Maricopa County Attorney?


To restore trust in the office and keep Maricopa County safe.



What qualifies you to be the next Maricopa County Attorney?


I was born and raised in Arizona. My grandfather Joe E. Woods came to Mesa in the 1950s and contributed greatly to the East Valley as well as Phoenix. My father Grant Woods was Our State Attorney General in the 1990s. My family taught me the importance of service and I am happy to give back to the community and take on this leadership task. I've been a criminal attorney for 12 years. I've worked for the Office of the Legal Defender and the Office of the Arizona Attorney General and I've owned and managed my own law firm since 2009. I do not believe the office needs a politician right now. I believe law enforcement should enforce the law. I've prosecuted criminal cases and I've defended them. I do not need any on the job training.



Describe your platform. If elected, what do you plan to accomplish as Maricopa County Attorney?


Currently, the Maricopa County Attorney's office is in disarray. I would restore the public trust in the office. This can only be done through strong leadership. I would be the first in the door in the morning and the last out at the end of the day. I would insist that prosecutors get back to making court appearances in court. I would not allow attorneys to continue to "cover" for others as they currently do. I would seek to find as many resources as possible for the talented prosecutors in the office. I would eliminate any deadweight. I would show up to meetings of the Board of Supervisors. I would work with lower management to ensure that managers are doing their jobs. I would take this office and rebuild it into a premiere Arizona institution. We should expect nothing less from the next County Attorney.



What criminal justice reforms do you support and/or oppose?


I do not support defunding the police. I support reform where needed, but, the office needs strong leadership from which everything else flows. Now is not the time to tear down--the office doesn't have time for that. It is time to get work rebuilding.



What do you believe is the role between the County Attorney's office and the local police departments?


The County Attorney should provide advice and support to local law enforcement. Both must work together to raise the county's conviction rate, ensuring the people of Maricopa County are safe.



Should riots break out again in our cities where property damage, theft, and violence occurs, how would you handle it as the chief prosecutor?


I would work with law enforcement to convict those responsible. I would prosecute those who break our laws.



As violence continues to surge in our County, what role should the Maricopa County Attorney play in making our communities safe again?


Our prosecutors need a leader to help them raise the conviction rate and revitalize the moral of the office. Prosecutors play an essential role in our criminal justice system, and they deserve strong leadership and support.



What role should the Maricopa County Attorney's office play in preventing and providing justice when violent crimes against children occur?


Violent crimes against children are the most serious crimes the office prosecutes. The Maricopa County Attorney should be working to raise our conviction rate in all cases. This can be done only through strong leadership and hard work.



What role should the Maricopa County Attorney's office play in protecting election integrity?


Our elections must be free and fair. My office would enforce our elections laws. This is law enforcement, not politics, so as County Attorney, I would not advocate for any political changes. Maricopa County is the largest in the Country. Rebuilding the confidence in that office will be a full-time job and we have enough career politicians already.

What role should the Maricopa County Attorney's office play in preventing and providing justice when domestic violence crimes occur?

Domestic Violence crimes require harsher sentences and that would be incorporated into my office's internal sentencing guidelines. The Maricopa County Attorney needs to make informed and intelligent charging decisions, I want our prosecutors to have every tool available to them to convict anyone guilty of domestic violence. I can provide that guidance and leadership.

What is your position on the DOJ investigation into the Phoenix Police Department?

The DOJ has the right to investigate Phoenix PD. What the County Attorney needs to do is focus on the hard work of repairing the reputation of the County Attorney's Office. That said, the police gather the evidence; prosecutors make the conviction. If there is a problem with the Phoenix PD than I'm happy to work with them to fix it but I believe the police need as much support as they can get.

Do you support or oppose a two-state solution in Israel?


The County Attorney is a law enforcement officer and I believe law enforcement should stay out of politics and focus on the already arduous task of enforcing the law.



What benchmarks will you use to measure the work ethic and performance of your prosecutors as the Maricopa County Attorney?


I will work with all levels management to ensure cases are charged correctly and that case-loads for prosecutors are cleared at an efficient rate. I will expect prosecutors to achieve a 90% conviction rate.



Please feel free to add any additional information you would like primary voters to know about your candidacy.


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