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Stop bad government in its tracks by supporting a comprehensive plan to save Arizona in 2024!


We spent over two months compiling the key information on how government entities across Arizona will work in 2024.


We sought out election integrity leaders nationwide to find critical ways the grassroots can get involved to secure our elections.


We studied our past successes in stopping the pro-tyranny caucus and mapped out a month-by-month strategy to empower you to save Arizona in the most critical election year of our lifetime.


Freedom is on the line in 2024. This calendar will help make sure you know exactly what to do, when to do it, and where to go to fire the tyrants in 2024 and secure our elections!

The 40-page Grassroots Calendar includes:

  • The Public Meeting Schedules for Congress, the state Legislature, all of the Counties, Regional Councils of Government, and Cities with a Population over 40k

  • An Election Integrity Activity Calendar

  • A Voter Outreach Schedule with Workbooks and Resources to Organize Your Neighborhood

  • A Listing of Holidays and Observances to Find Voter Registration Opportunities

  • Notes on how the Local Arizona Deep State Works and How to Stop Pro-Tyranny Caucus Shenanigans

  • A Listing of Contact & Social Media Information for Arizona Legislators, Members of Congress and the Senate

  • Plus fun freedom memes for every month (check out May😂)

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