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Peters provides voter education and does not endorse candidates.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What made you run for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District?

These are challenging times for the Colorado River and all who depend on it. I'm running for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board so I can contribute my skills and perspectives to finding solutions. As an Arizona lawyer and city leader who has worked on Arizona water issues for over 30 years, I am well qualified to serve in this role. I arrived in Arizona with my family in the 1970s and have seen first-hand the tremendous growth and economic expansion in Maricopa County. After getting my undergraduate degree at Arizona State University, I left the state for law school in Washington DC, but then came home to Arizona's sunshine and open spaces to start my career and family. My husband Chris and I are parents to three adult sons and live in Phoenix with three ill-behaved dogs.

2. The federal government has implemented a cut on the supply from the Colorado River. What is your plan to increase the water supply to Central Arizona? 

Everything is on the table, and we have no time to waste. First, it's essential that Arizona water users are efficient and conserve as much as possible. Every gallon we don't use is a gallon we don't have to find and pay for. We also must reuse water - Arizona does this better than most, but there's more we can do including recycling wastewater. Desalination is promising, especially for nearby supplies such as "brackish," or salty, groundwater. Desalination of sea water is a good solution for water users who are closer to the ocean, and can free up water that those users would otherwise take from the Colorado River. I'm open to any innovative solution that can be proven and is not prohibitively expensive.

3. There is a commitment of six years to serve on this board, and it is an uncompensated position. How much time are you able to allocate per month to this position? 

If elected my service to this board would be a top priority, including attending monthly board meetings, committee meetings, and engaging with the community, including evenings and weekends from time to time.

4. This position deals with contracts, bonds creation and implementation, and levying taxes. What are your credentials that will allow you to take on this duty? 

In the early years of my law practice I worked in municipal finance as a bond lawyer. I'm very familiar with the laws of special districts such as CAWCD that levy taxes and have the power to issue bonds. I've managed big budgets and large organizations. In recent years I've worked on setting water, wastewater and other utility rates.

5. Please feel free to add any additional information you would like voters to know about your candidacy. 

People are concerned about Arizona's water supplies - rightly so. All of us need to step up to meet the moment, which means getting educated and holding our leaders to account. Every property owner in the district is affected by this Board's tax rate and spending decisions, so it's vital that we elect careful and knowledgeable stewards to these seats. I know how important the Central Arizona Project is to maintain our quality of life and continued economic growth and I will work hard to protect it. My track record of listening to stakeholders, asking the right questions, and building consensus is what we need now to find creative solutions to the tough issues we face as Colorado River supplies diminish.

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