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Help Educate Voters! believes a well informed electorate is necessary come Election Day. It is difficult to know about all of the candidates on the ballot, especially the non-partisan races. sent candidates very specific policy questions about key issues that will make a difference in the electorate's voting decisions. We received surveys back from candidates running for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District, Phoenix & Scottsdale City Council, and School Board from 20 different school districts. also conducted a CAWCD debate that will help voters decide who to support.


Please consider helping reach voters with candidate surveys and the debate. 


Here is information regarding the positions previously mentioned:


1. The candidates running for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District [CAWCD] will oversee our water supply and how water will be allocated to help fix and prevent our water shortages.


CAWCD is a special purpose taxing district referred to as a multi-county conservation district that is managed by a 15 member board who are elected from the three-county service area made up of Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal counties. The Central Arizona Project, also known as CAP, is a 336-mile long canal that brings water from the Colorado River to Central and Southern Arizona. This government entity was created for the purposes of establishing the delivery of Central Arizona Project water, repayment of CAP costs, and operation and maintenance of the CAP aqueduct. The board members serve alternating six years terms. 


2. City Council is one of the most important races on the ballot this November. The City Council has direct impact on the funding of police, anti-discrimination ordinances, crime, and homelessness. sent surveys to candidates running for the City Councils of Phoenix and Scottsdale.


3. School Board Governing Members are also vital positions on the ballot this November. 


Elected School Board Members determine the environment and framework for teaching and learning. The candidates elected to these positions will influence the safety of schools, curriculum, school renovations, and how teachers interact with students and parents.


Thank you very much for your consideration. If you have any questions please reach out to Jeff Caldwell at 913-484-8404.

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Help Reach Arizona!
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Can you please chip in so we can REACH ARIZONA? We can cover the costs if just 80 people chip in $20.


With the Radical Left trying to take over Arizona; now more than ever, we need to activate freedom-loving individuals to go beyond voting. There are people across the state of Arizona willing to help get out the vote and rid the state of radical left policies. To ensure success in the upcoming election, needs new equipment to train and activate more people.


We have integrated online events for all of our trainings and meetings. Also, one of the many effective ways we recruit and activate new people is by tabling at events across the entire state. 


Our pop-up banners are used everywhere we go! We have used the banners so much over the past year and half, they are starting to fall apart. We also need more table cloths for tabling at events. Finally, to ensure our online presence is seamless for all Arizonans and people across the country, we also need two monitors to upgrade our current set-up.


The price breakdown of the current equipment needs is as follows:


Monitor for Presentations $150.00 (x2)

Pop-Up Banner $200.00 (x4)

Event Tabling Cloth $250.00 (x2)


Total - $1,600

WE NEED TO RAISE $1,600 for New Equipment! 


Thank You!


Thanks to your support, we were able to purchase a Sound & Video System that allows for to have online events and meetings! We raised a little over half of our goal to cover the cost of the system and still need help to make up for the funds tapped into to cover the purchase.

Chip in $100 or $20 TODAY

We tried really hard to make our current little Ion Karaoke System work for our trainings to come through clearly on our Zoom events, but it failed miserably. 😥 It was really hard for our grassroots members to hear what was being said and even harder to see the screen and the speaker at the same time.


After checking with sound experts and engineers, we found a system that's affordable for both video and audio versus professional installs that are tens of thousands of dollars.


The full sound, video, large presentation monitor, and mic equipment costs in total about $6,148 including installation. We raised $3,332 and need to raise $2,816 more to cover the cost. 


If just 141 people chip in $20 the system will be paid for!


If you can donate a little more or can only chip in a few dollars, please consider submitting a donation so we can cover the cost of the launch all of our training programs for getting out the vote, securing our elections, and interviewing your top candidates so you can make informed decisions in the primary.


Whatever you are able to chip in will be the right amount at the right time! Thank you so much for investing in the Arizona Grassroots and empowering regular voters to take back our state! Together, we will keep AZ free!

WE NEED TO RAISE $2,816 to cover the costs of our New Sound & Video System