Election Manual Draft

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Submit Public Comment to Secretary Hobbs
on the Draft Election Manual

The rules for the Arizona election are created by the laws in the Arizona Revised Statutes that come from the State Legislature AND from the requirements documented in the Secretary of State Election Manual. 

The Arizona Election Manual draft is created by the Secretary of State before an election cycle. The Election Manual is meant to supplement the Arizona Revised Statute laws created by the Legislature so the County Recorders have clearer instructions on how to operate the election.

As we saw in the last election, the Election Manual is treated nearly equal to law by the courts. The Secretary of State can add additional requirements not included in the law that can actually contradict the spirit of the law. Unless these conflicts are caught in the draft process, the integrity of our elections can be severely impacted if shenanigans are left in the manual. organized 60 volunteers to review the Election Manual and find the anomalies that could impact the integrity or transparency of the elections.


From September 5th to September 8th, will update the issues in the spreadsheet below. There are a total of 170 preliminary issues identified which will be added in phases until September 8th. Public comment is due before 5 pm on September 8th. 

Public comment is vital because it creates a public record that demonstrates to the courts and the legislature what issues concerned the public and should be changed. It's the easiest way to impact secure elections before the next election occurs!

We need your help to submit public comment! 


Review the items listed below. Copy the statement in the last column of each row as your public comment to paste into an email or adjust the wording to your liking.

We suggest sending an individual email per issue identified if you have the time.

Email your public comment by 5 pm on September 8th to and

We will also be sending public comments to the Arizona Attorney General, Arizona Legislature, and the County Recorders. 

Election Manual Draft Concerns

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The Spreadsheet below can also be viewed and downloaded from Google Sheets HERE.