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City of Phoenix Formal Meeting

March 6, 2024 at 9:30:00 PM
City Council Chambers 200 W. Jefferson St. Phoenix, Arizona 85003
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Wasteful Government Spending

Agenda Items of Concern:

23. AGAS MFG, Inc. - For $65,000 in payment authority for a new contract, entered on or about March 15, 2024, for a term of five years for flags, flagpoles, and accessories for Citywide departments. This contract will provide all-weather flags for display at various locations throughout the City on an as-needed basis. Flags provided will include the United States, State of Arizona, City of Phoenix, and various international flags. This contract will also provide flagpoles, mounting hardware, and flag-related accessories necessary for flag display.

Talking Points: Our tax dollars for the City of Phoenix should not be used to purchase any international flags. 

24. Public Education Program through Arizona Media Association Contract - Request to authorize the City Manager, or his designee, to enter into a contract with Arizona Media Association to provide Public Service Messaging and Marketing for the Communications Office. Further request to authorize the City Controller to disburse all funds related to this item. The total value of the contract will not exceed $1,020,000.

This contract will provide the Communications Office with the design and implementation of public service campaigns and advertising. Proposed Public Education Programs campaigns will promote water conservation, drought messaging, various departmental hiring campaigns and storm water awareness. The Arizona Media Association is government-focused and can also use marketing performance tools to track key performance metrics and delivery. This will ensure advertisements are placed in accordance with Communications Office goals to identify and purchase advertisement space on channels that are relevant to the City's target audiences at optimal times.

Talking Points: The government should not be using television to brainwash people. This agenda item is another $1million down the drain. Vote no!

41. Artist Contract for Lone Mountain Park Public Art Project - Request to authorize the City Manager, or his designee, to enter into a contract, and amendments as necessary, with WOWHAUS for an amount not to exceed $450,000 to design, fabricate, and install public art at Lone Mountain Park. Further request authorization for the City Controller to disburse all funds related to this item.

Talking Points: $450,000 for an art project that we do not know what it is based on the information provided in the Agenda Packet. The city should not be funding art projects. 

51. JSI Telecom Software and Hardware Support - 149174 - Letter of Agreement to Extend Contract for Hardware and Software Support with JSI Telecom, Inc. - The purpose of this Letter of Agreement is to continue to provide support for wire intercept systems for the Police Department's Drug Enforcement Bureau to conduct joint complex investigations with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and other federal, state, and local agencies. The system will provide the ability to continue providing wire intercepts, geo-locate cellular phones, investigate various crimes, and locate endangered citizens. The support and maintenance agreement includes warranties on all software, hardware, 24-hour technical support, engineering support, and upgrades.

Talking Points: "This contract will provide wire intercept systems for the Police Department's Drug Enforcement Bureau to conduct joint complex conspiracy investigations with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and other federal, state, and local agencies. The wire tap system will provide the ability to continue providing wire intercepts, geo-locate cellular phones, investigate various crimes, and locate endangered citizens."

The California Court of Appeal has held that a geofence warrant seeking information on all devices located within several densely-populated areas in Los Angeles violated the Fourth Amendment.

Geofence warrants are unlike typical warrants for electronic information because they don’t name a suspect and are not even targeted to specific individuals or accounts. Instead, they require a provider—almost always Google—to search its entire reserve of user location data to identify all users or devices located in a geographic area during a time period specified by law enforcement. - Source:

JSI has two tools: 4sight & Voice Box. These tools are used in spying, wire-tapping, and all items for this agenda item. 

Furthermore, we have learned the FBI is illegally spying on US citizens through their Section 702 searches. The FBI uses Voice Box made by JSI Telecom.

On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Congress (1) MUST reauthorize FISA 702, and (2) MUST NOT impose a requirement that FBI obtain a search warrant before conducting “backdoor searches” of American citizens through the 702 database. This policy also gives a backdoor for local authorities to reach out to the FBI to conduct warrantless research on American citizens. This JSI contract should not be implemented until American Citizens can be guaranteed their rights are protected.

Switching gears to another issue. Fast Company states, JSI, “which has a contract with ICE that comes in at over $22 million, offers a big data platform that allows users, including the U.S. intelligence industry, to collect, analyze, and visualize vast amounts of data. Founded in 1979, its flagship product, 4sight, uses Deep Packet Inspection to intercept, collect, and analyze internet traffic. The ICE contract doesn’t specify what the agency is actually purchasing, but mentions ‘Title III Digital Collection Systems.’

“As Privacy International noted in a May [2019] report, JSI Telecom also has contracts with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the FBI. ‘It has also received payments from the State Department for projects in Guatemala and Indonesia, part of a broader programme of US agencies using aid and other public money to empower foreign security agencies with surveillance capabilities,’ explained the group in a report. A JSI Telecom brochure, obtained by Privacy International, notes that 4sight can be used to establish connections between users.” -

The Privacy International report notates these tools by JSI were used by ICE between 2016-2020 to enforce “0 tolerance” immigration policies. 

If it was immoral to use this technology against migrants claiming asylum, and you vote yes on this agenda item, you are approving the same technology to be used against taxpaying citizens who gave you their consent to govern. 

55. Air Service Incentive Program - Request to authorize the City Manager, or his designee, to approve a new 2024-28 Air Service Incentive Program for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (Program). The maximum amount being requested to support new international nonstop flights will be up to $5 million per incentive contract and this amount will include airport fee waivers and marketing fund reimbursements. The amount per destination is prorated based on distance, frequency, and location. The maximum amount being requested for supporting each new international nonstop route will not exceed $5 million per incentive contract. This amount includes airport fee waivers and marketing reimbursement funds. The amount per destination is then prorated based on distance, frequency, and location. Funds are available in the Aviation Department budget to support the program.

Talking Points: This is a globalist policy. The citizens of Phoenix are now on the hook for $5m per contract to fly people non-stop internationally. How many people in Phoenix have flown non-stop internationally? This is inequitable. It benefits the wealthy, globalists, business owners and does not benefit the average Phoenician. This policy needs to die in a WEF globalist dumpster fire.

61. Traffic Signal Poles and Components - This contract will provide traffic signal poles, hardware, video detection, and traffic signal controller components essential for maintaining over 1,100 signalized junctions. Upon approval of $2,000,000 in additional funds, the revised aggregate value of the contract will not exceed $7,000,000.

Talking Points: As talked about at the last meeting, the City of Phoenix actually did say the technology already exists to control peoples' cars through GPS but then spent the rest of the time whitewashing this stated fact by saying the infrastructure at the intersections and lights do not exist. This agenda item, coincidentally, is literally the following Phoenix meeting after that discussion. Now the City wants to spend $7 million to upgrade technology at 1,100 signalized intersections, and it includes video detection. While it is greatly appreciated to have the dialogue surrounding the city not being technologically advanced enough to control peoples' cars, the infrastructure is being put in place to do so. 

67. Large Water User Ordinance - Request City Council to adopt the Sustainable Desert City Development Policy-Large Water User Ordinance that places additional water conservation requirements on new large water use developments in the City. Large water user developments are those that are projected to use more than 250,000 gallons of water per day. 

Talking Points: Are they still paying a lower rate per gallon than residential customers?

000 - Public Comment

Talking Points: 1. Federal Reserve Presidents wrote a documented study called "Pushing Bonds Over the Edge: Monetary Policy and Municipal Bond Liquidity." It states muni-bond illiquidity rises as government entities issue bonds during tightening monetary cycles from the Federal Reserve. We are in a monetary tightening cycle from the Federal Reserve right now, and you continue issuing Bonds. 

BlackRock in their 2023 Global Outlook - Q4 Update, state they are not interested in buying long term treasuries or bonds. BlackRock also states the “Higher for Longer” interest rate landscape is not priced in yet and that the Federal Reserve will not step in to save the day if something breaks in the economy.

Institutional investors are not interested in buying treasuries or long term bonds. The City of Phoenix is reliant on rookie, young, inexperienced or by the book investors who load up individual retirement accounts full of muni-bonds to fund government spending. These accounts were abused during covid. There’s not much more these type of accounts can take. The muni-market is on the brink of becoming illiquid and faces a major crisis. 

2. Be nice and encourage the council to not support a consent decree between the City of Phoenix and the DOJ. Consent Decrees suppress levels of enforcement. Every City that has agreed to it has seen their violent crime drastically increase. In a 12 News article recently published Sheriff Panzone admitted he’s not running again because his office currently is restricted by a court order from 2013. 

Penzone said the federal court oversight has become “overstayed” and is too focused on punishing organizations, suggesting that the ongoing monitoring was drawing away resources from within the sheriff’s office.

“When I have more people investigating internal affairs and compliance issues than I do crimes in the community, something’s wrong,” the sheriff said on Oct 2.

This is impacting the ability for the City of Phoenix to hire police officers. 


3. Stop implementing road diets or removing of traffic lanes. If any agenda item for Multi-Family Housing is the foundation for implementing Complete Neighborhoods or 15/20minute cities, that needs to stop. Stop taking away our freedoms.

4. Earlier this year, the City of Phoenix sold $60million of water rights to the federal government. We were then lied to by the City when we were told, "[this] will have no impact on city water customers." Then the City of Phoenix drastically increased our water rates while reducing our water allotment. Stop lying to us!

5. The Mayor is Vice Chair of the Steering Committee for C40 Cities, member of the World Economic Forum, a Young Global Leader, Chair of Maricopa County Association of Governments, Co-Chair of Climate Mayors, part of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, on the Arizona Advisory Committee for the US Global Leadership Coalition, has launched Phoenix Global Rising with ASU, speaks at the United Nations, and brags about the globalist policies she has led and implemented in the City of Phoenix. All of these entities Kate Gallego is part of wants to ban the consumption of meat in the name of Preventing Climate Change.

The Vice Mayor is a proud supporter of Kate Gallego is a former Advisor for Climate Action at the United Nations. She also has her name in support on documents that call for reducing the consumption of meat.

Phoenicians do not support your radical leftist agendas! We do not support reducing or banning meat consumption!

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