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Demand the Arizona School Board Association Force SUSD Greenburg to Resign

The Arizona School Board Association (ASBA) BLOCKED protections for tens of thousands of parents to not lose their jobs over the vax mandate. NOW, these parents are at risk of losing their jobs and not being able to take care of their children right on the eve of the Christmas holiday!

When the parents defended their right to make medical decisions for their children by simply providing public comment at school board meetings—which is their civic duty—disgraced ex-President Greenburg retaliated against them by creating Soviet-style dossiers on 42 parents and their children! As if Soviet-style tactics weren't bad enough, the ASBA is protecting Greenburg and has remained silent about the gross abuse of power and harm he did against the very people he, and they, are supposed to protect—the students!

Putting parents out of work at Christmas...

Blocking parents from making medical decisions for their children...

Siding with school board members that harm children...


Sign the petition to demand Arizona School Board Association force SUSD Ex-President Jann-Michael Greenburg to resign immediately.

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