Sound System.png

We tried really hard to make our current little Ion Karaoke System work for our trainings to come through clearly on our Zoom events, but it failed miserably. 😥 It was really hard for our grassroots members to hear what was being said and even harder to see the screen and the speaker at the same time.

After checking with sound experts and engineers, we have found a system that's affordable for both video and audio versus professional installs that are tens of thousands of dollars.


The full sound, video, and mic equipment costs in total about $5,000. We can cover the costs if just 250 people chip in $20. 


If you can donate a little more or can only chip in a few dollars, please consider submitting a donation so we can launch all of our training programs on getting out the vote, securing our elections, and interviewing your top candidates so you can make informed decisions in the primary.


Whatever you are able to chip in will be the right amount at the right time! Thank you so much for investing in the Arizona Grassroots and empowering regular voters to take back our state! Together, we will keep AZ free!