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May 6th Party

Fundraiser Invitation.png

Join for the Taco & Music Fiesta party event on May 6th! We're throwing a party to celebrate the first year of the opening of the grassroots center. 

There are two seatings for a late lunch or early dinner at 1:30 or 2:45 PM.


Music is performed by "Golden Rose" who will be playing a variety of popular rock & roll music.

Dinner is an authentic Mexican Grill plated dinner and drink by Taquizas Estilo Michoacan. The menu includes al pastor with pineapple, carne asada, or pollo tacos with sides of arroz & frijoles, salsa roja, cilantro y cebollas, pepinos, chiles y cebollas asadas, and guacamole. 


Desserts include homemade pie and freshly made ice cream from Bruesters. There might be a couple of other surprises. 


Beverages include horchata, lemonade, hibiscus, and adult beverages. 

Strong Communities Foundation of Arizona is a non-partisan 501-C3 organization focused on education to make civic education easy and accessible for all Americans. Donations are tax-deductible.

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