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Mesa Unified School District

Voting without knowing what's on your ballot is like lighting your money on fire.

What is the upcoming election about?

  • The MPS is seeking to sell $500 Million  dollars in bonds in addition to a 15% budget override.

What are the significant dates for the election?

  • Ballots will be mailed on October 11, 2023

  • VOTED BALLOTS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 7 p.m., November 7th. MAIL ballots by October 31st.

Who can vote in this election?

  • All registered voters that reside in the MPS will receive a ballot by mail.

- If you aren't already registered to vote, the last day to register in order to be eligible to vote in this election is Tuesday, October 10th, 2023.

What policies did Mesa Public Schools (MPS) implement with my tax dollars?

  • MPS guidelines allow biological boys in girl’s restrooms and locker rooms and showers.

  • Parents have stated their concerns at multiple school board meetings, but the guidelines are still in place.

  • Teachers openly promote the LGBTQ agenda with some displaying transgender flags at their classroom entrance.

  • MPS added an online feature called "Explora" to give students of all ages access to sexually explicit materials including guidance on sexual positions and optimal size of partners' body parts.

  • MPS added what they called a "secretive gender transition plan" for students and kept it secret from parents in violation of Arizona's bill of rights.

Aren’t Mesa schools doing a good job?

  • As of 2022, only 38% of students are proficient or highly proficient at English Language arts.

  • As of 2022, only 31% of students are proficient or highly proficient at math.

  • 2022 Graduation rate was 76%.

Aren’t Mesa Teachers underpaid?

  • The average salary for Mesa School teachers is $62,842.

  • The average salary in Mesa AZ, is $52,000.

What are taxpayers in the Mesa Unified School District being asked?

Voters will be asked to say yes or no on two measures:

  • The sale of $500 million in new bonds

  • A 15% Budget Override

What are the current tax rates for the override and the bond?

  • Estimated annual tax is $1.62 per one hundred dollars of assessed

  • Estimated annual tax rate for the $500 million bond is $0.98 per $100 of assessed value

  • Shows up on your tax bill as secondary property tax.

  • Property taxes combined add up to thousands of dollars!

To view your current property tax liability, go

Is Mesa Public Schools (MPS) District underfunded?

  • MPS receives approximately $14,673 per student from the state ($863 Million) Annually

  • As of August, 2023, MPS has $173 Million of unspent Covid relief money

  • As of August, 2023, MPS has $182 Million in unspent funds from the 2019 $300 million bond

  • There are additional education grants that are awarded throughout the school year for specific programs

If the bond fails, how will my taxes be affected?

  • Overall Property taxes within the Mesa School District would be reduced approximately 16% by 2027 once the current budget override expires.

  • Once any outstanding Bonds and Overrides are repaid, you won't have to continue paying Secondary property taxes related to the bond. 

How has more funding impacted Mesa Public Schools?

  • Mesa has extremely low math and reading skills at all grade levels. 

  • Graduation rates have fallen despite millions of additional dollars of Covid relief funds and Federal Education grants. 

School officials claim this is a just a continuation and there will be no new taxes. Is this accurate?

  • Once the current $300 million dollar bond and Budget Override are repaid, you won't have to continue paying Secondary property taxes related to the bond. 

  • If both measures are passed, the current Secondary tax rates will remain the same; however;

  • The total amount of taxes paid will likely go higher if both measures are passed due to inflation related to property values.

What is the difference between an override continuation and a bond election?

  • MPS is legally allowed to call the override a continuation even though we will vote to approve it as if it is new.

  • The $500 million in bonds is NOT a continuation and is a separate item on the property tax statement.

  • Both items will be separate items on the ballot.

What does Mesa Schools intend to use the additional funds for?

  • MPS has stated that in general, they will use the funds for facilities and security.

  • No specific plans have been announced.

I’m renting. Why should I care about this election?

  • If the override and bond measures are defeated, your landlord’s taxes will go down and could mitigate future rent increases.

  • Irrespective of being a property owner, we all want to see the kids receive a quality education.

To view your current property tax liability, go

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