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Pendergast Elementary No. 92

Voting without knowing what's on your ballot is like lighting your money on fire.

What is the upcoming election about?

The Pendergast Elementary School District is asking to sell $100 Million dollars in bonds in addition to a 15% budget override of $7.65 million dollars.

What are the significant dates for the election?

- If you aren't already registered to vote, the last day to register in order to be eligible to vote in this election is Tuesday, October 10th, 2023.

- Ballots will be mailed on October 11, 2023. The last day to request early ballot October 27 

- VOTED BALLOTS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 7 p.m., November 7th. MAIL ballots by October 31st.

Who can vote in this election?

All registered voters that reside in the Pendergast Elementary School District will receive a ballot by mail with voting instructions in the envelope.

What policies did Pendergast Elementary School District implement with my tax dollars?

- Had an Educator Face Discipline For Sexual Misconduct With Minors This Year - SOURCE 

- Implemented Divsersity, Equity, and Inclusion on June 20, 2023 - SOURCE 

- Equity teaches people and children that there is systemic racism, they are entitled to reparations and more because of the color of their skin. - SOURCE 

- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion teaches students and people that white people are oppressors. - SOURCE

Aren’t Pendergast Elementary schools doing a good job?

- 28% of students are proficient or highly proficient at English Language Arts 

- 20% of students are proficient or highly proficient at Math

Aren’t Pendergast Elementary Teachers underpaid?

Pendergast Elementary pays an average annual salary of $58,501 to teachers. The average annual salary in Phoenix is $48,000.

What are taxpayers in the Pendergast Elementary School District being asked?

Voters will be asked to say yes or no on two measures: 

- The sale of $100 million in new bonds 

- A 15% Budget Override that will cost $7.65 million

What are the current tax rates for the override and the bond?

- The estimated average annual tax rate for the proposed bond authorization is $1.25 per $100 of net assessed valuation used for secondary property tax purposes. 

- The budget override amount for the first year of the proposed continuation is estimated to be $7,650,000. It would be funded in that year by an estimated $1.57 tax rate per $100 of net assessed valuation used for secondary property tax purposes. 

- Shows up on your tax bill as secondary property tax. 

- Property taxes combined add up to thousands of dollars! 

- To view your current property tax liability, visit

Is Pendergast Elementary School District underfunded?

Pendergast Elementary spends $13,079 per student per year.

If the override and bond fail, how will my taxes be affected?

- Without passage of the override, the district will have to reduce the operational budget. 

- Once any outstanding Bonds and Overrides are repaid, you won't have to continue paying Secondary property taxes related to the bond. 

How has more funding impacted Pendergast Elementary Public Schools?

Comparing to the 2018-2019 School Year Performance to the 2021-2022 School Year Performance 

- Drop of 15% in Enrollment 

- Increased Drop Out Rate of More than 2.5 Times from 1.17%% to 3.07% 

- 13% drop in Math Proficiency 

- 6% drop in English Proficiency 

- Reported Instances of Violence Skyrocketed from 0 to 356 [Nearly 2 per Day Based on 180 Days per Arizonan School Year] 

- Total Students Reported as Harassed or Bullied Collapsed from 84 to 0 

- Total Students with Chronic Absenteeism Increased from 2,495 to 2,814

School officials claim this is a just a continuation and there will be no new taxes. Is this accurate?

- Once any outstanding Bonds and Overrides are repaid, you won't have to continue paying Secondary property taxes related to the bond. 

- If the measures pass, the current Secondary tax rates will remain the same; however; 

- If the measures pass, the total amount of taxes paid will likely go higher if there is continued inflation related to property values.

What is the difference between an override continuation and a bond election?

- Pendergast Elementary is legally allowed to call the override a continuation even though we will vote to approve it as if it is new. 

- The $100 million in bonds is NOT a continuation and is a separate item on the property tax statement. 

- Both items will be separate items on the ballot.

What does Pendergast Elementary Schools intend to use the additional funds for?

The Bond dollars will be used in the following manner: 

- Construction Projects 

- Renovate many of the district buildings which are aging and must be upgraded for health and safety standards to be met. 

- New essential construction projects including classroom additions and renovations to align with our Strategic Vision and Planning work that has been conducted with our communities. 

- Continue to provide improvements to the learning environment for students, staff, and families at every school site. 

- Address three primary areas to help the district create a user-friendly technology system that provides: 

- Maintaining the 1 to 1 computer initiative for students in grades Kindergarten - 8th grade 

- Increasing wireless capabilities throughout the district - Improvements, replacements and upgrades in the district’s technology infrastructure, including security, network capability, wireless applications, school and student computer access 

- Safety upgrades, maintenance, replacement, and refurbishing of schools and district facilities such as: 

- Camera and intercom systems 

- Energy efficient interior and exterior lighting 

- Upgrading of fire alarm and security systems 

- Roof repair/replacement 

- Replace flooring 

- School-specific repairs, equipment replacement and improvements - Replacement of furniture 

- Replacement of aging buses and the vehicle fleet. The Override funds will be used in the following manner: 

- Maintain the district average class size at the ratio of 27 to 1 

- Provide free full day kindergarten for all schools and/or support staff for classroom teachers 

- Continue to offer all students K-8 special classes such as Art, Music, Physical Education and STEAM Academies 

- Continue to provide Counselors at each school for students and families 

- Continue to provide school Health Service providers on every campus 

- Continue to staff and provide resources for school libraries through the use of Library Media Technicians

I’m renting. Why should I care about this election?

- If the override and bond measures are defeated, your landlord’s taxes will go down and could mitigate future rent increases. 

- Irrespective of being a property owner, we all want to see the kids receive a quality education. 

- To view your current property tax liability, visit

The information above may have been compiled from the following additional sources:

Please Note: takes no position for or against the items on your ballot. Vote your conscience.

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