Updated: Mar 24

The Arizona Legislature Request to Speak system is an online application designed to allow the public to register your opinions on each bill. You're the boss of your elected representatives. It's important you let them know how you want them to vote on bills scheduled in Committee or on the Floor.

I'll briefly describe the easiest tool within the app below.

How to 👍or👎🏽 Bills

From the Home page, choose the menu option called "My Bill Positions." In the Bill Number field, enter the Bill Number (for example HB2309). As you type, the bill title should appear. Click on it. Then select your position of "For," "Neutral," or "Against." Click the Add button.

That's it! Your name is now recorded on the bill under RTS Positions.

Need An RTS Account?

The Arizona Legislature requires all accounts to be activated at the Capitol. Our EZAZ volunteers are happy to save you a trip by going down to the Capitol and getting your account set up for you. Complete this form and we will get your account set up within 7 days.


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