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Katie hobbs' radical dream team

AZ Senate Hearing 1 Appointees 

Scroll through the above document to see slide show. It takes time to load. Please be patient.

Please be at the State Capitol on Thursday, February 9 by 2:00PM in Senate Hearing Room 109. Also, if you are in the Request to Speak System, please make comments based on fact why you do not believe Hobbs' appointments should be allowed. You also can put in your desire to speak through the RTS system. Do that all here.


If you are not in the RTS system and want to express your thoughts regarding the appointments, you can still go to the Hearing and fill out a paper request to speak.

Learning about the above appointees and showing up to speak are the way to stop Hobbs' Radical Dream Team.

Learn more about Request to Speak in the information provided below.

Arizona Legislature Public Comment System
(Request to Speak - RTS) 

The first step of starting an Arizona Request To Speak account can only be completed at the Arizona Capitol Building.

Our volunteers are happy to save you a trip, start an account for you, and send you your credentials. Click the button below to sign up to take EASY ACTION. Add to contacts: and Pie Club.png

Lisa's Short Video Training on RTS 

Easy Readable How-To Instructions
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