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🚰Candidate Discussion/Debate🗣️:
Central Arizona Water District

Date & Time

Sunday, October 30


Brief Description had an amazing time hosting a Central Arizona Water Conservation District Candidate Debate on October 30, 2022! Nine of the Fourteen candidates were able to join us. Those in attendance were Ylenia Aguilar, Alexandra Arboleda, Lisa Bullington, Alan Dulaney, Cory Mishkin, Amanda Monize, Donovan Neese, Karen Peters, and Barbara Seago. Those unable to attend were Shelby Duplessis, Benjamin Graff, Jason Lundgren, Jim Pederson, Daniel Cirignani Wood.

Candidate Surveys


Brief Description has published surveys from City Council, School Board and Water Board races in the Maricopa County area. We asked the candidates very specific policy questions about key issues that will make a difference in your voting decisions. We encourage you to take a look at their responses before casting your vote in the election.

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