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The City of Phoenix budget vote is TODAY, June 16th. After denying COVID19 funding from public safety last week, Phoenix is proposing increasing the annual budget for Police by over $41M.


While violent crime continues to surge in Phoenix, anti-police activists are aggressively insisting on defunding the Police Department. Phoenix is in a patrol officer crisis with patrols being at the lowest levels in well over a decade. Detectives are now being moved off their homicide investigations and moved back onto patrol duty. This is dangerous as it means the City is delaying violent people from being identified, caught, and taken off the streets.

Please take a moment and make your voice heard to Back the Blue in supporting the increase in funding for Police and asking Phoenix to solve the surging violent crime problem by hiring and retaining more patrol officers. The deadline for public comment is 1:30 pm on June 16th.

1:30 PM Deadline


Arizona State University recently announced they will add a COVID19 vaccine passport requirement to attend in-person instruction. All those who will not participate in providing ASU with their vaccine status will be required to do a health check daily, take a COVID19 test twice a week, and wear a mask indoors and outdoors at all times whether they have taken the vaccine or not.

The Board of Regents ultimately decides such large scale medical policies for all Arizona universities. Vaccine requirements were not on their latest June agenda. However, the Board states two requirements of communication from the universities which ASU may have violated: 

  1. Changes (if any) to university policies

  2. The university’s commitment to timely and thoughtful communications with all stakeholders

As a consequence of this new vaccine policy not being on the agenda, there was no opportunity for public comment. 

Additional Government Response

Although Sen. TJ Shope voted against the vaccine passport prohibition bill, he tweeted in opposition to ASU's new policy. Gov. Doug Ducey immediately tweeted he would issue an executive order against ASU's new policy and ask for the legislature to codify it into law.


Gov. Ducey's NEW EO only includes public universities. K-12 schools and businesses are still allowed to require vaccine passports.


Sen. Shope previously voted against HB2190 Vaccine Passport Prohibition. He did not identify if he will support HB2190 in a revote in his tweet.

Action Steps

👉Contact Sen. TJ Shope and let him know if you want him to support HB2190 which prohibits vaccine passports and vaccine mandates under all circumstances.

(602) 926-3012

👉Contact Gov. Ducey to let him know if you want an EO for K-12 and businesses too.


👉The Board of Regents failed to give any public notice on the new policy or allow public comment.


👉Record your 👍/👎🏼 position on the RTS public comment system.


back the blue budget@4x-8.png

The Budget Bills

HB2891 budget procedures; budget reconciliation; 2021-2022.

HB2900 omnibus; taxation.

HB2901 transportation; budget reconciliation; 2021-2022.

HB2892 capital outlay; appropriations; 2021-2022.

HB2893 criminal justice; budget reconciliation; 2021-2022.

HB2894 environment; budget reconciliation; 2021-2022.

HB2895 general appropriations act; 2021-2022.

HB2896 health; budget reconciliation; 2021-2022.

HB2897 higher education; budget reconciliation; 2021-2022.

HB2898 K-12 education; budget reconciliation; 2021-2022.

HB2899 revenue; budget reconciliation; 2021-2022.


Phoenix and other Arizona cities are trying to defund the police and destabilize public safety. We need your voice to protect small businesses and keep neighborhoods safe.


There are three critical bills currently in play in the Arizona Legislature designed to stop rioting, violence, and defund-the-police movements. We need more 👍 THUMBS UP support on the Arizona Request to Speak (RTS) system and social media messages sent by constituents to their representatives. 


We are currently outnumbered with public comments opposed to these bills by nearly a thousand in total due to the anti-police activist groups and radical mayors pushing violence as a free-speech activity. 


EZAZ.org supports YES on the following:




(Pending the Senate)


HB2462 - RESPONSIBLE CIVILIAN POLICE REVIEW BOARDS (Passed. Signed by the Governor as law!)


1) Thumbs up Yes on RTS

2) Email Senate President Karen Fann and ask her to schedule these bills for the Senate Committee as a Whole

*If you are not signed up on RTS, scroll up to the SIGN UP HERE button above.

Biden/ Harris to Pay Schools for Critical Race Theory

The Biden Administration is pushing to federalize woke politics in our schools. 
Freedomworks has a helpful link to make your voice heard.  

Parental Rights Transparency for Sex-Education

HB2035 is now a striker bill to prohibit sex education for K-4th grades. For 5th grade and up, HB2035 requires the Governing Board of a school district to have two public hearings 60 days before the curriculum is to be heard and to share the curriculum online and in-person for parents to review. Requires the curriculum to include education on protecting children from predators. All curriculum requires parental opt-in.

Make sure to 👍👎🏼 HB2035 so your voice heard by your Senator!
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